Santa Claus Is Coming

Here are two new publications I received today which exhibit some SMeltery fonts. Both can be good Xmas presents for typograficionados.

Typodarium The daily dose of typography !

“365 fonts from more than 50 font designers and foundries from all over the world make every day a special day.
On the over leaf there is background information about each font character & the copyrighter owners and suppliers.”

Edited by Lars Harmsen & Raban Ruddigkeit / Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
Format 8,5 × 12 cm / 16,80 €

Free Font Index

“The Free Font Index contains comprehensive letterproofs of more than 500 fonts from 35 type foundries in 17 countries and interviews with 6 font designers.
All fonts contained in the book are included on the accompanying CD and are licensed for personal and commercial use.”

Edited by Hans Lijklema / The Pepin Press – Agile Rabbit Editions
17 × 22,5 cm / 24.50 € (text in English, French, German, Spanish)



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Santa Claus Is Coming

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