Good Words For All

SMeltery is a letter manufacturer founded in 2002. It is located in Castillon-la-Bataille (South West of France). It is merged with the graphic design house Bon Pour 1 Tour.
SMeltery, small type foundry created and directed by Jack Usine, offers a colorful collection of nonconformist typefaces. Its production is deliberately irregular and whimsical in order to fight against the ambient glumness of this world.
Inspired by his environment, Usine reveals in his creations a fascination for artisanal and incongruous signs and their relation to the urban landscape.

In addition to its font catalog, SMeltery offers a full range of type-related services. From custom type design to personalized lettering and wall painting, everything is good for writing.

SMeltery poster


Pananatomic Ligature Pananatomic Ligature
Review type anatomy

Garagisme Garagisme
Huge collection of garage signs in progress

Jules Vernacular Jules Vernacular
Collection of signs and typographic incongruities (2006-2013 archives)

En grosses lettres En Grosses Lettres
Collection of 1900’s b/w big letters postcards from France (mainly).

Thanks to Fanny ♥︎ Garcia, Damien Ernoult, Carole Lataste, Benjamin Charles, F-X Martin, Gigi Etienne and Brice Gessler for their advices and precious help.