Wonder Variable

1 week workshop at DSAA LAAB, Lycée Bréquigny, Rennes, October 2018
The principle of this workshop was for each of the 10 students to design a typeface with a superpower. Inspired by the world of superheroes, they were invited to pic a reference lettering from a selection of comic book covers. The aim of the game was to create a variable font with a double identity: ordinary version and superpower activated.
More details on the Laab website.

Invitation by Flora Commaret & Yves Guilloux, with the help of David Douard
Students: Maxime Allain, Gurven Bourreau, Lucas Demezet, Julie Dombek, Manon Duethe, Loredana Gengler, Albane Girard, Julie Gohier, Marine Raoul, Nathan Wibaut