Remake Remake

1 week workshop at DSAA LAAB, Lycée Bréquigny, Rennes, Novembre 2018
This workshop was an opportunity for 11 students to design an original typeface inspired by a title lettering of an old movie poster. It had to keep the spirit of the original lettering, synthesize it, in order to deliver its typographic adaptation. From this creation made using Glyphs software, students were invited to create a type specimen and a reinterpretation of the original movie poster. These linocut creations were printed and exhibited at the Printing Museum of Nantes.

Invitation by Flora Commaret & Yves Guilloux
Students: Corentin Balcon, Coline Bouvet, Joseph Clenet, Alice Macquigneau, Mathilde Mary, Clara Meoni, Alex Pagnoux, Charlotte Pearce, Lucile Poret, Camille Sécher, Antoine Sescousse