N’a qu’1 œil’s #2

4 days workshop at N’a qu’1 œil’s rare books store, Bordeaux, Fall 2018
Introductory workshop to type design. The purpose of this workshop is to improve letter drawing and Bézier curves skills, while learning the basis of the font editor Glyphs. Each participant is invited to work from an existing source (lettering, signs, logos, etc.) in order to make a kind of digital revival. 3 days to develop a titling –caps only– typeface, with accented characters for French, and a survival kit of punctuation marks. The fourth ‘bonus’ day helped create and print mini-specimens in risography.

Participants: Étienne Bellé, Jérémie Bonne, Philippe Cartault, Carole Lataste & Romain Vayssettes