Jack Usine

Born 1981, in Thionville, France. Lives and works in Castillon-la-Bataille and Bordeaux.

Frenetic letter designer and type lover, Jack Usine created SMeltery during his art studies in Bordeaux in 2002.
Former graffiti artist, Usine maintains a direct relationship with the city landscape and its signs, which are both a source of inspiration and objects of study. With the vernacular as fuel and the words for vehicle, he made the alphabet his exploration ground. A ground with permeable borders, between typography, graphic design and art.
In 2016, Jack Usine co-founded with Fanny Garcia the workshop Bon Pour 1 Tour, (which succeeds the Garcia Usine studio), wishing to invest even more in an artisanal graphic work in connection with their surroundings.

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Jack Usine monogramme

Jack Usine portrait