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From time to time, I will publish here a selection of works using SMeltery fonts. So, I would like to invite you to participate sending me your artworks, logotypes, posters & Co…

If you’re interested, send your stuff to without forgetting to join the credits: designer’s name & url, title or client’s name, creation’s year.

First showcase: JUstice in use
design: Autrement le design | photo: Richard Dumas
client: famous French singer Daniel Darc / Mercury



Fx - 8.07.08

Trop la classe je savais pas !

Posted 4.07.08





All Fonts-in-use

In Use #2

AUdimat Mono, AUdimat, MEgalopolis Extra & Manifest Destiny

In Use

MEgalopolis Extra, ESt-ce-que & GEronto

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