Audimat reloaded

SMeltery is delighted to announce the big revamp (yes again) of one of its most popular creations: Audimat.
This pro version called “3000” is a vigorous display face, totally “rebuilt”, offering an expanded set of characters and a lot of new options (see the PDF specimen). The family now consists of 4 weights with true italics that allow different kinds of use. So let’s 3000!

Posted 19.12.14






En grosses lettres

French large letters postcards

New Portfolio

letter drawings


Lettres Type

new typeface design in France

Faux en écriture

PApier Sans

Vernacularly Speaking

made in normandie

Web Font Embedding

the typographic revolution is coming

Graphisme en France

conference @ Centre pompidou

Good Move

SMeltery Type Country

In Use #2

AUdimat Mono, AUdimat, MEgalopolis Extra & Manifest Destiny

Vidange Arrived

let’s put some oil!


MEgalopolis rewarded

Santa Claus Is Coming

+ Free Font Index

In Use

MEgalopolis Extra, ESt-ce-que & GEronto


@font-face declarations are now allowed

MEgalopolis goes OpenType

it’s so “extra”

Very Slanted

on screen and on paper

Merci Libé

happy journalistic surprise

New Old Fonts

BAnkrutt (v2),
TElerysm Mono 2
& GEronto Bis

Special Effects

found lettering poster

Your Ad Here

participate to the fonts-in-use section

Mucho GUsto

the book

SMeltery Gets Fresher

new formula 2008